Monday, December 16, 2013

It Was My Birthday

Hello ~ Christmas is coming and I'm getting ready.

The last friday was my birthday and I'm 19. OMG I feel old. Although it was my birthday, it was a very long day. First, because that day I had my last exam at the university. Second, my older sister who is like my mother had to travel, so she wasn't with me.

If there's something I really like about my birthday are the gifts, I don't care if they are small or big because they are samples from people who cares about me.

 This minion is a beautiful gift from my friends of the university, my three cats Hugo, Tavo and Gonzalo. I call them "Cats" because they know how much I love kitties lol. Ok, maybe it doesn't make sense but it is how I treat them.

I got these two nail kits from my sister. She knows how much I like to take care of my nails and look at them, the designs are so beautiful and wearable now that summer is coming.

If a woman gets a new pair of shoes, a new way will appear. This pair of brown shoes was a gift from my mother. Don't they look cool? My new shoes are from Passarella. My mom bought them because I got a new opportunity of job, it is not that great . I'm really excited. I'll have money to buy all the good things I desire o that I could buy with the salary I'll win.

That's all. Thanks for keep reading the blog and please don't forget to leave your comments.
Kisses ~ 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Award: Premio Navideño

1. Cuenta 10 cosas sobre ti.
2. Cuenta como pasas la navidad.
3. Da el premio a 5 o más blogs.
4. Deja un comentario en cada blog para avisar de que les diste el premio.


El blog no lleva ni un año y ya he recibido varios premios, estoy realmente contenta. Es mi primer premio navideño y es gracias a Lovely Sweet Girl. Thanks eres demasiado genial.

10 cosas sobre mi:
1. Amo cambiar el estilo de mi cabello. Cabello corto o largo, con flequillo o cerquillo.
2. La moda ulzzang me encanta. Me siento identificada :3
3. No puedo durar ni una semana con un color de uñas. Me las cambio muy rápido.
4. Mi sueño es ir a DisneyWorld.
5. No gusta el verano.
6. Soy fan de Jake y Finn (Hora de Aventura).
7. Me gusta el color celeste.
8. Sueño con un concierto de SHINee en Perú.
9. Me gusta compartir mis experiencias con las personas.
10. Amo la navidad.

Como paso la navidad:
Diciembre es una fecha muy especial para mi, no solo por navidad sino también porque es el mes de mi cumpleaños. En navidad, yo la paso con familia; hacemos una cena muy especial donde todos colaboramos (aunque todos supervisados por mi mami). Hago las compras de navidad con mis hermanas mayores, normalmente a último momento. El momento de abrir los regalos es muy especial, es más un intercambio de regalos.

Bueno eso es todo, a ver si me comparten sus ideas para pasar navidad.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Award: No Sabia de Ti

!No Sabia De Ti!  Es un premio para conocer un poquito más a los(as) que nominas. Y si me nominaron... quieren saber de mi :D

Es un premio en español por eso la entrada no está en inglés ... lo siento ;o;


Es mi sexto premio que recibo, el primero de este tipo y el tercero por parte de Lovely Sweet Girl. La adoro siempre me da sorpresitas yeeeh.

Preguntas a Responder:
1. Quienes son tus mejores amigas (no blogger)?
2. Qué color te gusta más entre fucsia, amarillo, verde?
3. Nombra tus tres animales favoritos
4. De qué color te gustaría que fuera el cielo? (celeste no vale)
5. Cuál es tu nombre favorito Hombre/Mujer?
6. Qué película irías a ver en estreno?
7. Cuál es la foto que más te gusta?
8. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr?
9. Tienes mascotas? Cómo se llaman? si no tienes Te gustaría? Cómo se llamarían?
10. Te consideras... glamurora, atrevida, divertida, gentil, respetuosa?
11. Qué tipo de música te gusta y por qué ?
12. Sprite, Fanta, Coca-Cola?
13. Bilz o Pap? (bebida gaseosa chilena)
14. Marca de celular, tablet y compu favorita?

1. Rocio y Lesly
2. El verde *-*.
3. Los gatos, los osos pandas y los conejos.
4. De rojo, amo como se ven los atardeceres.
5. Hombre: Esteban / Mujer: Chloe
6. Todas las películas de la saga : Cazadores de Sombras.
7. Una mia de chiquita cuando estoy con mis hermanos paseando a caballo. 
8. Facebook  Twitter youtube y tumblr ... los pueden encontrar en la pestaña "About Me".
9. No tengo mascotas. Me gustaría un gatito o un perrito. Si fuera gatito lo llamaría "Tom" y si fuera perrito lo llamaría "Sanders"
10. Divertida, gentil y respetuosa.
11. Kpop: me hace sentir viva. Rock: me levanta el ánimo. Salsa: Me anima a bailar.
12. Coca-Cola <3.
13. Ninguna, soy de Perú nunca las he probado :(
14. Samsung, Apple, Toshiba.

Nominados (5):

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nail Art: Jack Skeleton


Halloween is coming and as you could have read, I have a new nail art to share with you. As you have seen in the previous image, I made a nail art of Jack Skeleton. It's really esay and it looks fantastic.

First, you will need white andblack nail enamels, you know it's a skeleton lol. We will use a stick too.

Today, I'm using nail enamels from MAYBELLINE and AVON

Second, varnish your nails with the white nail enamel. It's a very light color so it is likely to need more than one layer of nail polish. 

I varnished my nails two times.

Third, draw two points with the black nail enamel. To do it we will use the stick, it's easier. They will the eyes of Jack.

It looks lovely.

Fourth, Draw a line like it's in the picture. Add small vertical lines. It's the mouth.

It is smiling lol.

Finally, let's decorate the other nails drawing vertical lines as in the next photo.

Taaaaa dam.

That's all. You can varnish them with gloss enamel if you want. I hope you like the nail art. Do it and share it with your friends. Don't forget to leave your comments. Remember the steps.

Byeeee~ Kisses :3 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sanrio's KISS Hello Kitty

Front of the handkerchiefs 

Is there any Hello Kitty fan out there? Last week, I went with my sisters to go shopping of the month and look what I found, handkerchiefs with the logo of a very peculiar character. Yes, Hello Kitty.

I never imagined seeing this beautiful kitten dressed as the members of the recognized band called "KISS".  I think it's one of the funniest versions. Before, I have seen her dressed as animals but this time I was surprised.

Back of the handkerchiefs

The handkerchiefs are in packets of five models as you can see in the previous pictures. They are products of Sanrio, I'm in love. They look perfect and unexpected when you take them out of the bag. The other day, my friend was sick and he was looking for toilet paper and I gave him one of the packets and he tought that it was a joke. He is a bad person always making laugh of me. But finally, he accepted that they are fantastic. 

Here I leave two extra photos with the information of each packet and how the handkerchief looks like.

That's all. If I find something new and unique, I will share it whit you. Byeeee and don't forget to leave your questions or your comments :3 

Review: Herbalife's Nouri Fusion MultiVitamin Cleanser

Hi. I am back after a long time. Today, I reviewing a new product of Herbalife. In this opportunity, it will be Herbalife's Nouri Fusion MultiVitamin Cleanser. Let's start by reading about the product.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Colors

New colors for my collection of nail enamels. 
Spring is around the corner and I started to buy new stuff.

The first nail enamel of the photo is from AVON and it's called Coral Energy. The color is perfect to use with the coral blouse that I won (know about it HERE). The second nail enamel is from AVON too and it's called Cachemira. It's a nude color. They have 8ml and are from the collection "Color Trend"

In the previous photo, I'm using both colors. The photo was taken at night that it's the reason why it doesn't look fine. I just varnished one time. Don't they look good?

As I told you before, I'm buying stuff to do nail art in less time. In this oportunity, I got a decorator plate. It's easy to use and I have 45 different designs

That's all. Bye and kisses <3 <3 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Winter or Spring

I'm back~
I promised you to upload my outfits but I'm too busy with my classes. Sorry, please forgive me :( I feel like I were the worst person in the world. 

Back to today's post, the weather has been very rare. In the morning, it's very sunny and in the night, it's very cold. I don't stand. But it is just an oportunity to get things from two seasons: Winter and Spring. The other day, I was checking the new trend in nail polishes and I found that the pastel colors are back this spring. Isn't it fantastic ?  It's a new reason to buy more nail polishes (my adicction).

They are from UNIQUE (Yanbal in other countries). I bought them by catalog. They look very similar but they are not. The first one is called Blue Lagoon. It has 5ml of nail enamel. The second one is called Peace and Green. It has 5ml of nail enamel too. They both are from Clic Cosmetics.

But that's not all. I don't have too much time to make nail art to I started to buy nail art stickers. I have to be ready for when spring begins or maybe not because the days are still cold. But flowers and stars are good options until the weather is decided.

Now, that's all. I'm  really sorry about the outfits but I'll try to upload them if I have a free time. 
Byee ~ See you soon *-* 

Sunday, September 1, 2013


I got my first kimmidolls :3 Don't they look lovely? They are Maki (Mejestic), Satoko (Sincerity) and Michi (Knowledge). These beautiful dolls are for sale in Wong Hypermarkets. I want all of them.

And the holidays came to an end. Two weeks ago, my classes, in the university, started again. A new semester. I am really excited because I am in a new stage in my college life. For people just know me, I study industrial engineering at the Pontificial Catholic University of Peru, I'm in the sixth cycle of my college career.

I had a lot of fear because I built my schedule without coordinating with my friends. Hopefully not alone in class, I don't like to be alone. The first day of classes I had a practice in the lab and had to wear a romper. Imagine me wearing it. 

One of these days, I'll post about the outfits I have been wearing. Do you want to see? - Yes - You'll have to wait a little bit.

Byee~ That's all <3 Kisses 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Award: Comparte 7 cosas sobre ti

Como dice el premio, se trata de compartir 7 cosas sobre ti (osea yo).


Este es mi cuarto premio, gracias Ara Van Drop. Eres lo máximo preciosa, me alegraste este día que de por sí ya era muy bueno. Visiten su blog, que es muy bueno ~ Por fas :)

7 cositas sobre mi:
1. Shawol ~ <3
2. Me gusta la cultura asiática.
3. Me gustan los gatitos. La verdad todos los felinos.
4. Me encantan las barritas de chocolate.
5. Me gusta tener siempre nuevos amigos que me lleven a nuevas aventuras.
6. Estudio Ingeniería Industrial y me siento super inmadura.
7. Amo la comida asiática, de preferencia los makis *-*. Me invitan ?

1. Yenathie
2. Krystal Latte
3. Okaeri


Este es mi quinto premio. Es el segundo premio que recibo por parte de esta maravillosa blogguer llamada Lovely Sweet Girl. Gracias linda y que gracioso lo recibí el mismo día que el anterior :3 

7 cositas sobre mi:
1. Mi amor platónico es Jhonny Deep.
2. El anime que marcó mi vida es y será Digimon 1 *-*
3. Mi sueño es ser una niña elegida.
4. Quisiera viajar a EE.UU, Corea del Sur e Italia.
5. Me gusta el cosplay pero nunca lo he practicado.
6. Me gusta el volleyball aunque soy una chaparrita.
7. No tengo mascotas pero quisiera uno :(


Lucky August + PNL by Gisella Cahuana

Hi, it's me again. As you can read in the title, I won another cute prize but in this case it is from PNL by Gisella Cahuana. I found this contest while I were reading the last posts in her facebook's web site.

Let's start knowing more about this blog. Gisella Cahuana is the designer of her own urban chic clothing line. Many of them have been dressed by well known blogguers as for example the blogguer of Butterfly Style, who have left good reviews about her clothing.

What did I win? The contest was to win a garment from the clothing line of PNL by Gisella Cahuana. I chose a white and melon blouse (you can see it in the following photos).

I feel so lucky. It has been several months since I won something. Thanks, Gisella,  for this big opportunity. Let's keep in contact. 

Contact her:
Private Showroom: by her facebook or email

That's all for today, see you soon ~  <3 

Award: Magical Wishes

1-Do not name the person who gave you the award.
2-No re-post the award again, if you are nominated again, only thanks (Put the picture but not repeating, there is not joke in doing the same twice).
3-Choose a question and answer it: Just ONE question, the one I chose for you, you should do the same with your nominees


It's the third award. Thanks, it means a lot to me. I can't say the name of the blogguer who gave this oportunity but if you want to know. Please click [HERE]

- Do you like fairy?

My answer:
- Of course <3

A. Do you like cats?
B. What is your favorite anime or manga?
C. How would you describe your style?
D. What is your favorite book?

A. Rinkko Puff
B. Saku Sekai
C. Rottenes
D. Frogiteca

Answer the question that has the same letter as you. Greetings ~ <3 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Avon Care Pepino Mask

 Hello ~ 
Today I'm back with a quick review of one of the beauty product I have been using. This time, I am going to review Avon Care: Pepino Mask. I bought this facial cream a month ago, it was a catalog order. Why did I decide to buy it ? Because, I heard good comments about it and I really wanted to try it.

Being honest, I don't like to get creams by catalog. I prefer to buy recommended products or only if I think that they may be suitable for my type of skin ( In my case, I have dry skin). 

I going to tell you a little more about Avon. It is a company that sells beauty products as for example mascaras, blush, eyeliners, colonies, etc. It is well known here in South America because many of ladies who have a job also opt for selling these products catalog. Now, let's continue with the review.

First, let's see what the product says:

Friday, August 9, 2013

Award: The Versatile Blogger Award

Rules of the VBA
If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Include a link to their blog.
3. Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
4. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.


Good news, this is exciting. It's the first I'm nominated for an award, thanks to Love Chloe to nominate me for The Versatile Blogger Award. You want to know more about this wonderful girl who made this possible please click HERE

I nominate:
1. Kiwii - Rottenes
2. Vale Loli Blogs
3. Punky Bunny
4. Jaune Grenouille - Frogiteca
5. Krystal - Krystal Latte
6. Sandra Inoue - Dreams Come True
7. Chermaineho
8. Me, Myself and I
9. Yo, Lolita
10. Qoqo's Blog
11. Saku Sekai - Saku Sekai
12. Jo Ann - Panda Agenda
13. Yenathie
14. Sami - Sami Spoon
15. The Wonderland's Kary

Seven Things About Me:
1. I like to say "miau". Sometimes, I believe I was a cat in my previous life.
2. Many people call me cachetona or cachetes de globo. 
3. I love ice cream in winter. People think that I'm crazy but When would I be able to be crazy if I'm not crazy now?
5. I call mommy to my older sister.
6. I love trolling my friends. It's a hobby.
7. I have a friend who was born the same day but a year earlier ~ Marisabel.


Good news, I won this award again. It's the second time I get this award. Thanks Cutie. Check more about this kawaii girl I just met please click HERE. Sorry if I don't nominate the 15 people. It's because short time has passed since the last time I won this award :(

I nominate:

1. Belinda and Matilda - Qorea
2. Lilu Lola
3. Lunany Kawaii
4. Hotaru Bunny - Nippon Love

Seven Things About Me:

1. My wish is to become a vampire.
2. I'd like togo to a kpop concert. I didn't have to opportunity T-T 
3. I'm a shawol (I'll kidnap them when they come to Peru ) Lol.
4. Muppets <3
5. Liiiiiiiiiiinkin Park <3 ~ Bleed it out (8)
6. Fashion ? yeeees. 
7. I have the spirit of a little girl. 

With my friends

Hi ~ 

Last wednesday, I had a fantastic day. I went out with two of my friends Rocio and Adrián. They are reliable friends that I met in the university. Supposedly, we would come out with several friends but in the end it did not go as we thought and we ended up being a trio. You know if the things didn't go as you want, you have to save the best of the occasions.

At the beggining, We did not know what to do but the first thing that came to our minds was eating. We went to Pizza Hut, pizza is our obsession. Pizza lovers <3. All we ate was delicious, three different kinds of pizza: American, Hawaiian and Supreme. We also drank chicha and soda. 

Then, we went to play. Playing is one of the activities we like to perfom. We were at Plaza San Miguel so the place choosen was Coney Park. There were a lot of children maybe because it is the point for them lol. 

Guitar hero and the game of the monkey were the games choosen to waste our time until the movie started.

This is a photo of Adrian, he looks like avatar of the game LOOOOOL

To end the day, we stold a ballon from another place. I know we are baaad people lol. Then, we went to see a movie. Exactly, we went to see Turbo. It is a movie for children but I like to see movies with them because they made me laugh a lot. I try to see all the animated movies I can. 

A have a secret to tell you: I want them to be a couple. I don't know why they aren't together. Grrr, They make me angry ¬¬.

Adrian, my new friend and Rocio

That was our day together. Sometimes, we just need to forget what we usually do to. Why don't you tell me about the activities you do with your friends ? Byeeee ~ <3 

A clue of my outfit of the day

Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello ~

This is a quick post to tell you about my new book :3 that was a gift from my sister. She went to the 18th International Book Fair invited by a friend who presented his new book. In the same fair, she found a stand of the Asociación Peruano Japonesa where she bought me a book of tales called "Otosan" written by Luis Arriola Ayala.

Today, I read the first of the eight tales that are in the book and I have to say that it was fantastic. I have tears in my eyes. In other news, she also brought me a two booklets of stickers as a present by the Asociación Peruana Japonesa. They have phrases in japanese as for example Secret = Himitsu and  Funny = Tanoshii. There are also images of some well known characters of the japanese culture as for example Manekineko, Sanzaru and Hachiko.

That's all. I hope you like it. See you soon (*-*)/

My new book with my baby pig 

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