Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teen Top's Chunji opens a Twitter account

20 days ago, we had good news about SHINee's Key; today, we have fantastic news about Teen Top's Chunji.  He isn't the first member who has a twitter account, but it makes me happy :) Why ? Isn't it obvious ? When a kpop idol opens a social account it means that he or she wants to be close of his or her fans.

I'm not big of fan of Teen Top, but the news make me really happy. He said that he didn't know too much about Twitter, so he waits people help him. What are you going to do ? Obviously, let's help him lol. 

Something that makes me laugh a lot was the name of his account, it is wowous. I don't lie that is his nickname lol.

This is the avatar of his twitter:

Here is photo that he has been publishing many times :

If you have a twitter account and your a big big fan of him or Teen Top, go and follow him here. Please get a Twitter account and be part of Chunji's world. I hope it helps you to find him.

Remember: you can find me in twitter too as FloweRomii :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

News: A New Dorama of Lee Min Ho

Are you a fan of Lee Min Ho ? If you're a fan, I have good news for you. 

I have been reading in a Kpopstarz that Lee Min Ho has been selected as a the principal male actor for Heirs (the title isn't confirmed), it will be a dorama of the SBS. Aren't you excited ? I'm really, really excited :)

Until the moment, I just know that the dorama will have 20 episodes. The writer and the director are Kim Eun Sook and Hyo Kang Shin, many people are interested because they are recognized in Korea. The name of the principal actress isn't known, so we have to wait for more news.

This is what Lee Min Ho comments : " I usually see the productions of the writer Kim, so I definitely wanted to participate in one and I have the opportunity to make my wish come true. With the cooperation of the of the writer and director who I respect , I think it will become a significant production."

That's it. If I have more news, I'll be back. Byeee :) 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Review: Dorama] Fondant Garden

Title: Fondant Garden (翻糖花園
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Cast: Park Jung Min, Jian Man Shu, Kingone Wang, Lia Lee 

Synopsis: Park Hee Hwan is the heir of one of the most important pastry companies in Korea. He is a spoiled person who always gets whatever he wants as soon as he asks for it. There is something he really hates it is the responsability of being the son of a successful businessman, so he decides to leave everything and to go to Taiwan. He meets Mi Hen who is a quiet pastry who doen's know anything about him. After many occurrences, Hee Hwan falls in love with her. But there is a problem, he isn't the only one who loves her, his older brother Yan Han Xiang loves her too. What is he going to do ? Who will she choose ? How will it end ? These are the questions that will be answered during the dorama.

Friday, March 22, 2013

[Review: Dorama] Boys Over Flowers

Title: Boys Over Flowers (꽃보다남자) 
Genre: romance - comedy - drama
Episodes: 25 
Cast: Kim Joon, Kim Bum, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hye Sun and Kim Hyun Joong 

Synopsis: This story starts at Shin Hwa school, this institute is where sons and daugthers of the most privileged families of Korea study. Geum Jan Di es a modest and simple girl who saves a student who is going to commit a suicide due to F4. Because the institute doesn't like people to know about it, they give her an scholarship. 

Goo Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jeong and Song Woo Bin are the members of F4. This group controls all in the school. When Goo Jun Pyo notices that Geum Jan Di opposes to the abuses done by them. They send a red letter that allows other students to abuse her physically and psychologically.  

After a misundertanding Goo Jun Pyo thinks that she is in love with him, but she is inlove with Ji Hoo. Goo Jun Pyo will do everything he can to make she love him. How will it end? There will be more of one broken heart ? 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lucky March + Propósito de Moda

I'm so happy, really really happy :). The last week, I participated in a contest in facebook, it was done by Marisol Dellapiane who is the blogger of Propósito de Moda. The reason why she decided to create this contest is because The Official Facebook Page of Propósito de Moda got its first one hundred likes and I won the principal prize.

Propósito de moda is a blog written by Marisol, she is a student of CEAM (Centro de Altos Estudios de la Moda). As you can imagine fashion is part of her life; in her blog, she writes about fashion, tendences, tips of how combine clothing, promotions. Some others posts are about of her personal life as for example her trips. Visit her blog and mine too lol.

Marisol Dellapiane
(blogger of Propósito de Moda)

I hope you enjoy the post of today. Remenber if you want to be in contact with her, you can find her using her email: and if you want to be in contact with me (floweromii), here is my email:
Here are some photos of the prize:
My teddy bear with my prize

 All the products are from DO IT.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Know where Super Show 5 will take place

Today, I was checking the Official Facebook Page of Work Shows and I found the previous image that explains the division of the audience. As I told you before, this awesome show will take place at Jockey Club del Perú, it is located in Lima 33 Santiago de Surco, Lima.

Teleticket will star to sell the tickets at noon, try to be early because there will be a lot of Elfs waiting in the different sell points. You can check the prices in the previous post.

Here are some tips:
  • Get your ticket.
  • Arrive early to the concert.
  • Get a ligthstick (SuJu)
  • Yell and sing your favorite song.
  • Take a los of photos.
  • Enjoy the moment.

Good Luck to everyone. If you want more information about Work Shows, you can click here.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tickets prices for Super Show 5 in Perú

As you should know Super Junior will present a concert this April 27th at Jockey Club. Today Teleticket announced locations and prices for this expected show by peruvian Elfs. Here are the positions with their respective prices:

Work Shows: S/. 838.20 ($ 323.13)
Super VIP: S/. 645.70 ($ 248.92)
VIP:  S/. 431.00 ($ 166.15)
Tribuna - APDAYC: S/. 195.60 ($ 75.40)

You can start buying your tickets this March 18th at noon. Don't lose the oportunity to be close to your "Oppas". 

If you want more information about it, visit the page of Teleticket

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Expo Idiomas 2013

The last saturday, I went to "Expo Idiomas 2013" with my kpoper friend called Marisabel. Why am I telling you about it ? The reason is that we found some peruvian institutes where you can learn korean and other languages too, as for example french, english, japanese, chinese, turkish, arabic, portuguese and quechua. Oh yeah ! 

Here are some of the institutes that I get an interested in:

It was a nice experience, we could see some presentations from different stands. First, when we arrived there was a person who offered to draw our favorite flags in our faces. I could'nt lose the oportunity to get a korean flag in my face. Then, we started to walk around and we found the stand of Centro Cultural Coreano del Perú. There was a show about kpop, they were showing videos of various groups for example: SHINee, SS501, EXO, CN Blue, Infinite, Big Bang and more. They also organized a raffle that we decided to buy. 

While we were waiting for the raffle, they were showing a movie called Le Grand Chef. You have to see this movie, it was awesome and Kim Sang Ho participates in it. 

Here you can see the movie with subtitles in english 

Finally, after the movie ended, the raffle started. It was so sad, we didn't win anything, but it was a cool afternoon; I got some things from the stands. 

I hope you like the summary of my day at "Expo Idiomas 2013" :) Byeee!

My korean flag :)

Me and my korean flag :)

A pen from Centro Cultural Coreano del Perú

My name "Romina" in Mandarin Chinese from Intercambio Cultural Sino Peruano

Friday, March 15, 2013

Good News About Lee Min Ho

Hi again. Today, I read good news about Lee Min Ho; as many of you should know, he is well known as an actor in many doramas as for example Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter and Faith. Well, his agency announced that he will realease a mundial special album for all his fans and will begin a world concert tour at the end of May.   

Why will he do it ? In many of his presentions, he usually sings and his fans want he to keep singing. So, Lee Min Ho have taken this decision to make us happy. ( I'm really excited, I need that album)

When will we be able to buy it ? His agency said that the album will be in sale at the end of May.

Which countries will participate in the tour ? The agency said that 10 countries are included in the tour. Until the moment, I know that Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand are four of these 10 countries. I wish he chooses Perú, but we have to wait for news.

That's all for today. Here are some photos of our cute Lee Min Ho, I hope you like them and the news too. 

From City Hunter

From Boys Over Flowers 

From Personal Taste

From Faith 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Review: Dorama] City Hunter

Title: City Hunter.
Genre: Action, Suspense, Romance.
Episodes: 20
Cast: Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Sang Jung, Goo Ha Ra, Hwang Sung Hee.

Synopsis: Revenge, intrigue and power struggle are the framework for this story where Lee Yoon Sung faces powerful enemies in pursuit of justice for the death of his biological father. But on his way to ge it, he does the only thing that it's forbbiden, he falls in love with Kim Na Na. What about Lee Yoon Sung who seeks justice rather than revenge ?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

SHINee's Key opens an Instagram account

Many of you should know that some of our artists have accounts in different social reds. Today, SHINee's Key opened an Instagram account, so we are going to be able to feel that we are next to him and his experiences.

I hope you are so excited as me when I saw the news. I wish they all get their own account to see all the things that they are doing and the moments they are sharing together, but we have to wait for good news. 

This is the avatar he choosed for his Instagram account:

Here are some photos that he has published during the day:

You have a Instagram and you like SHINee's Key, so follow him here . You don't have :( , so What are you waiting for ? Get an account and find more SHINee.

Monday, March 4, 2013

[Review: Dorama] The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

(Photo taken from onebutterflytatto )

Title: The First Shop of Coffee Prince.
Genre: romance - comedy.
Episodes: 17 + 1 special
Cast: Yoo Eun Hye, Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Gyun, Chae Jung Ahn

Synopsis: Go Eun Cha lives with her mother and sister. When she loses her tae kwon do academy, she continues with her job as a delivery person. But she loses it too, that's the moment when she meets Choi Hang Kyul, he is the heir of a company dedicated to coffee. His family starts to organize dates for him; so, he confuses Eun Cha with a boy and asks her to act as his boyfriend to avoid his dates. She accepts and it is the beggining of their friendship.  After that, they starts to work at the Coffee Prince where they will find new friends and romantic situations too.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Friday in My Life.

Two days ago, I went out with my friend Milagros. We decided to buy our tickets for Expo Kpop Dance 2013; so, we went to "Centro Comercial Arenales". This event will be in "Teatro Municipal San Juan de Lurigancho" at 12 pm this March 10th.

 Here is the advertisement, you can find more information here

After buying, we went to a fair where I bought some jewerly and other stuff. Fisrt, I bought purple and pink earrings, they just cost me about US$1. My older sisters are jelous about them, so I am wearing them everyday lol. Second, I bought a yellow ring, it just costs me about US$17. Finally, I found a pair of cat eyes glasses that I have looking for many days. They are perfect for summer, it  looks very well with many outfits. They just cost me US$12.

This little mouse on a cheese is for my mom, she likes decorations for her kitchen. It was really cheap, but I bought it with good intentions ( I wanted to spend more money in me lol). My brother put it in the refrigerator and started to yell " Mom, there's a mouse in the refrigerator" lol, it was really funny she really thought it was true. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I'm new. I'm floweromii.

Bueno les contaré algunas cosas sobre mi antes de que comience a subir entradas ...
♪ Name: Romina Flores
♪ Nickname: osita, romi, rominita.
♪ From: Lima - Perú
♪ Birthday: 13 de Diciembre

Soy Shawol de corazón, mis brillositos robaron mi corazón y ahora les pertenece. No me pregunten cual de los 5 me gusta porque no responderé. Mis amigas dicen que estoy loca, que me gusta chotear a las personas; yo creo que lo aprendí de ellas pero bueno. Mis gustos son diversos: la cultura asiática, la música (kpop y otros géneros), las películas, las buenas novelas o best-sellers y la moda. El español es mi lengua natal pero no soy española soy peruana. I know English so you can ask me, I'm going to answer your questions. The last thing you should know about me is social work. I enjoy helping people.

Here is where you can find me :

Twitter ♪           Facebook ♪  ♪            YouTube ♪          Tumblr ♪

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