Saturday, April 5, 2014

[Review: Dorama] Rooftop Prince

Title: Rooftop Prince
Genre: Romance, science fiction, fantasy, comedy 
Episodes: 20 episodes
Cast: Han Ji Min, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim So Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Micky YooChun, Lee Tae Sung.

In the Joseon Dynasty , the princess is killed ; so the prince Lee Gak have to travel 300 years into the future to solve the case. He and his three allies Man Song Bo , Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul reach a time when everything has changed and will meet a peculiar person called Bak Ha, who is the owner of the roof where they have arrived and will become your home.

Lee Gak meets a girl who looks like his dead princess, but what he does not know is that she is only reincarnation and that hides a secret about her. The reincarnation of Lee Gak is the heir of a powerful company and he is gone ; his family thinks he's dead .

Bak Ha is a girl who has no memory of his past because she suffered an accident after being abandoned by her stepsister Hong Se Na , who is  the princess of the current era. The prince falls in love with Bak Ha, but he doesn't know what to do : follow his new feelings or solve the case and return.

What does the princess hide? Why do they come to the house of Bak Ha?

Before we start with the review, I want to be clear that Lee Min Ho who is part of this dorama is not the same as from Boys Over Flowers ; so please don't confuse them. I watched this dorama because my friend, who also like korean stuff, told me that it's one of the most recommended doramas and she really liked it. 

It's time to start with the review.First, I have to say that the story is really romantic and a yet very poignant. Second, it is really funny, all the things they do and say sound like jokes. My favorite characters were the three allies of the prince, they learned about the new era very fast and they will help the prince to understand his feelings about Bak Ha.

The end was dissapointing and I didn't understand. In the last episodes, I cried a lot because it was time for them to return to Joseon Dinasty and they didn't want to.
I won't tell you each detail of the dorama because it will be unfair lol.

Here, I leave a picture that can explain in a easy way all the dorama and you can watch it HERE:

Extra pictures:

That's all. I hope this review helps you when you choose your next dorama. If there is one that you would recommend me, please write it in a comment.

See you in the next Dorama Review ~ kisses and hugs.


  1. I love watching doramas, but I always super scared of getting disappointed, so I only watch recommended doramas XD
    This ones seems interesting, but I hate when they end a dorama/anime in a rush, or incomplete ): But I'll try to watch it *O*

    Neko Bunny U=・ x ・=U

  2. Lovely post and blog :) I really love korean dramas. Rooftop Prince is one of my favourite but the end was really sad, actually hoped for a happy end.. Recently i am watching: Sly and Single again. I recommend it to u :)

    Would you like to follow each other?
    xoxo ♥

  3. Oh I will check it out ^^

    恵美より ♥


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