Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Lucky February + Let Me Feel Like A Doll

Hi sweeties ~

Sorry, I have been busy because of the university that I totally forgot to ask you how your Valentine's Day was. I''m not an evil person, there was a test that day so I was studying like a crazy one. 

I always find time to participate in various contests whether blogs I read or from well known brands. Did you read the title?  Yeah, I won a new contest. This time the prize comes from Spain from a lovely blog called Let Me Feel Like A Doll. Thanks, Laia (the blogger).

Today, in the morning, I was at home and suddenly someone knocked on my door asking for me. It says there is a package from Spain, I was surprised because first I thought that my little cousin sent me something but then I read that it was from Barcelona.

Then, I remembered that Laia sent my prize. My mom didn't know so she started to ask a lot but after I explained everything, she was so happy that she felt like the winner... Mom, please I'm the one who won :/

The prize came in this beautiful box (the next photo). Let Me Feel Like A Doll is a blog where you can find posts about fashion, the places where she went, her inspirations and more about Laia. I really recommend it, she has beautiful looks and she looks so cute in many of her photos. I wish I would look like her :(

Please visit her blog.

Here are some photos of the necklace, you can see how big it is:

Thanks you ! :)

Friday, February 7, 2014

Review: Natura's Pitanga Moisturizing Pulp For Hands - EKOS Line


Este es el segundo review del año y como lo habrán podido notar esta vez será en español; el motivo es que el producto del cual les voy a hablar en esta oportunidad se vende en varios de los países de latinoamérica y se produce en un país vecino, Brasil.

Natura es también una de mis marcas favoritas ya sea en cremas de mano, colonias o en productos para el cuidado del cabello. Los productos están hechos de frutas o flores. Como en cualquier marca, existen productos los cuales he vuelto a usar y también aquellos que ya no. Claro todo es 100% a mi criterio.

El producto del cual les voy a hablar hoy se llama Pulpa Hidratante Para Manos aroma a Pitanga de la línea EKOS. Como su nombre lo dice, la finalidad de la crema es brindar hidratación a las manos, la cuales sufren a lo largo del día y suelen dañarse. El producto es ideal para aquellas personas que posean piel seca y ademas para aquellas que simplemente las quieran mantener revitalizadas. 

How to use (Como se usa):

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