Thursday, May 23, 2013

[Review: Manga] Vampire Knight

This is my first post about mangas, I really hope that you like it or share it.

Something you have to know about me:
I'm not otaku but I really enjoy reading mangas or watching animes. To be honest, they took me out of this world and let me dream of a different one where you can be the hero or the villain ...
Today I'm going to tell you more about Vampire Knight...

¡¡¡ No, please, don't finish !!! 

That was my reaction, today, when I read the last chapter of this wonderful manga.

Discussion: "Anime and Manga: Culture and Evolution" and The Tea Ceremony

Today, I had a fantastic day. In the morning, I went to a Discussion: "Anime and Manga: Culture and Evolution" in my university. We had a visit from some exponents that are being released in Peru, they are: 
   Hoy, tuve un día fantástico. En la mañana, fui a una charla: "Anime y Manga: Cultura y Evolución" en mi universidad. Tuvimos la visita de unos exponentes que están siendo reconocidos en el Perú, Ellos son:

- Sofia Pichihua, the blogger of Otaku Press.
- Xuan Gan and Julio Cesar Escobar, Members of Centro Cultural Anime y Manga de la UNI.
- Mariano Marcos, Magazine Club Manganime.

They went to share their experiencies, to tell us more about animes and mangas and to show us how they are changing some aspects in the peruvian culture. Xuan Gan talked about Dragon Ball and some other animes that are inspired in a chinese folk

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tickets prices for U-Kiss in Peru

As you should know, U-Kiss will present a concert again this June 21th at Jockey Club. Tu Entrada has announced the tickets prices for this expected show by peruvian Kiss me's. Here are the positions with their respective prices:

VIP:  S/. 512.00 ($ 193.36)
General: S/. 330.00 ($ 124.63)

It will be a great oportunity for the Kiss me's who couldn't go to the concert of the last year and to hear them again (people who went). Why is this concert so exciting ? Because Peru has been chosen as the country to open the tour for Latin America. They will visit three countries : Peru, Colombia and Mexico

You can start buying your tickets this May 28th at noon. Don't lose the oportunity to be close to your "Oppas". 

If you want more information about it, visit the page of Tu Entrada

"El Tigre de Cerca: Crónica visual del sudeste asiático"

During this week, in my university, "The week of Cultural Diversity - Asian Connextion" is being celebrated. For people who don't know where I study, I go to Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. We have many activities related to two countries: China and Japan. 

Today, I went to see an exhibition of photography called "El Tigre de Cerca: Crónica visual del sudeste asiático". The photographer is Óscar Valiente. This presentation is localed in the school of "Estudios Generales Letras". I know is unfair, people from "Estudios Generales Ciencias" should have an exhibition like this one too, but we can do nothing. 

It's funny because, the week is realted to China and Japan but the photos are from Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. I took some photos of the photos lol, I hope you like it.   



I took many photos ...

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arirang Bene Concert

Heeeeello dear readers (*-*)/

Today, I went to an Arirang Bene Concert. It was a presentation about the traditional korean music by ARirang YUrandang Ready at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. It is a international group of korean people (They're five) who are travelling around to world showing the korean traditional music. I had the opportunity to be present. Unfortunatly, I brought my camera but I forgot my battery in my house, I know I'm a fool :( 

Here's a photo of the members: 

I learned about the traditional musical instruments as for example Daegeum, it's a flute; Janggoo, it looks like drums; Pansori, it's korean traditional singing and Seoyae, it's korean traditional calligraphy. The man who is wearing in red is the leader and the expositor who was telling us about each song and he also told us the importance of this music. Here is tip: If you want to be a friend of a korean person, you can sing Arirang and it would help you to accepted as a friend.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Review: Dorama] You're Beautiful

Title: You are beautiful.
Genre: Romance, comedy.
Episodes: 16 
Cast: Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki, Jang Geun Suk

Synopsis: Go Mi Nyu wants to be a nun but she has a brother called Go Mi Nam who wants to be a singer. They're twins. One day a misterious man goes to find Go Mi Nyu to ask her to act as his brother because he had a surgery and now he can't close the eyes. She accepted to act until her brother can return. The man tells her that Go Mi Nam has been selected to be the fourth member of a well known korean band called A.N.Jell. 

She has to live with the band but it's difficult for her to hide the fact that she is woman because all the member are men and they have different personalities. Kang Shi Woo is the guitarist who is mature, Jeremy is the drummer who is the happiest of the band and Hwang Tae Kyung is the lider and the singer who has a difficult personality.

The last one finds out the secret of the new "Go Mi Nam" and this is how their destinies are joined. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lucky May + El Rincón de la Princesita

Hi, it's me. As you can see the title, I won a prize again but in this case it is from El Rincón de la Princesita. I participated in its contest for Mother's Day the last week. Let's start knowing more about this blog. 

The blogger of El Rincón de la Princesita is Martha Medina. She is cool, I just met her for few minutes and I considered her as a nice person. Her blog is about fashion, technology and more. How did I know about the contest ? I found the news about it in the fan page (Facebook El Rincón de la Princesita) and I just decided to be part of it. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

[News] SHINee World Forums

Hola ~ 

Esta es mi primera entrada en español, si sé hablar español porque soy peruana y muy orgullosa de ello. Bueno les quiero contar unas cuantas cositas que he estado haciendo en estos días. Para comenzar esta super noticia es para los(as) shawols que me leen y bueno para todas aquellas personas que son fans de SHINee en general.

Hace unos años atrás, me en registré en SHINee Peru FanClub, este es un foro peruano totalmente dedicado a nuestros brillositos; pero con el paso de tiempo me olvidé mi correo y contraseña :( así que el fin de semana decidí crearme otra cuenta con algún correo y con una contraseña que si me pueda acordar. Así que si se inscriben me pueden buscar  como Floweromii, yo con gusto los seguiré de vuelta. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nail Art: Animal Print


As I told you before, I love to take care and to paint my nails. Today, I have a nail art for you. It's easy to do and hopefully you would like it. 

First, you have to choose the colors that you prefer. In my case, I would use yellow and black nail enamels because I want they look like pikachu lol.

Today, I'm using nail enamels from AVON

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sorry, I don't work


Today, it is a holiday here in Peru and around the world I think lol, it is Labor Day so many stores are closed. But that won't stop me from having a great with my family. We went to have breakfast at Chinatown, it's located in the center of Lima. It's a fantastic place where you can feel all the chinese experience because you can find the traidtional food of China and the streets are decorated as the real chinese streets.

The breakfast was delicious. I have to be honest I'm not a big fan of the chinese food, but the porked loin and the smoked duck were one of best kind of food I have ever eaten in my life. I definitely will go back another day, maybe with some friends.

Then we went to walk around to see some of the stores that were opened as for example Saga Falabella and Oeschle. You can imagine my face when I saw the bags, the shoes and the blouses with a rock style. I almost died lol.

While I were in Oeschle I couldn't lose the oportunity to buy new pants. Here is a photo of  my new grey pants: 

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