Friday, March 15, 2013

Good News About Lee Min Ho

Hi again. Today, I read good news about Lee Min Ho; as many of you should know, he is well known as an actor in many doramas as for example Boys Over Flowers, Personal Taste, City Hunter and Faith. Well, his agency announced that he will realease a mundial special album for all his fans and will begin a world concert tour at the end of May.   

Why will he do it ? In many of his presentions, he usually sings and his fans want he to keep singing. So, Lee Min Ho have taken this decision to make us happy. ( I'm really excited, I need that album)

When will we be able to buy it ? His agency said that the album will be in sale at the end of May.

Which countries will participate in the tour ? The agency said that 10 countries are included in the tour. Until the moment, I know that Korea, China, Taiwan and Thailand are four of these 10 countries. I wish he chooses Perú, but we have to wait for news.

That's all for today. Here are some photos of our cute Lee Min Ho, I hope you like them and the news too. 

From City Hunter

From Boys Over Flowers 

From Personal Taste

From Faith 

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