Saturday, April 5, 2014

[Review: Dorama] Rooftop Prince

Title: Rooftop Prince
Genre: Romance, science fiction, fantasy, comedy 
Episodes: 20 episodes
Cast: Han Ji Min, Jung Yoo Mi, Kim So Hyun, Lee Min Ho, Micky YooChun, Lee Tae Sung.

In the Joseon Dynasty , the princess is killed ; so the prince Lee Gak have to travel 300 years into the future to solve the case. He and his three allies Man Song Bo , Do Chi San and Woo Young Sul reach a time when everything has changed and will meet a peculiar person called Bak Ha, who is the owner of the roof where they have arrived and will become your home.

Lee Gak meets a girl who looks like his dead princess, but what he does not know is that she is only reincarnation and that hides a secret about her. The reincarnation of Lee Gak is the heir of a powerful company and he is gone ; his family thinks he's dead .

Bak Ha is a girl who has no memory of his past because she suffered an accident after being abandoned by her stepsister Hong Se Na , who is  the princess of the current era. The prince falls in love with Bak Ha, but he doesn't know what to do : follow his new feelings or solve the case and return.

What does the princess hide? Why do they come to the house of Bak Ha?

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