Monday, December 16, 2013

It Was My Birthday

Hello ~ Christmas is coming and I'm getting ready.

The last friday was my birthday and I'm 19. OMG I feel old. Although it was my birthday, it was a very long day. First, because that day I had my last exam at the university. Second, my older sister who is like my mother had to travel, so she wasn't with me.

If there's something I really like about my birthday are the gifts, I don't care if they are small or big because they are samples from people who cares about me.

 This minion is a beautiful gift from my friends of the university, my three cats Hugo, Tavo and Gonzalo. I call them "Cats" because they know how much I love kitties lol. Ok, maybe it doesn't make sense but it is how I treat them.

I got these two nail kits from my sister. She knows how much I like to take care of my nails and look at them, the designs are so beautiful and wearable now that summer is coming.

If a woman gets a new pair of shoes, a new way will appear. This pair of brown shoes was a gift from my mother. Don't they look cool? My new shoes are from Passarella. My mom bought them because I got a new opportunity of job, it is not that great . I'm really excited. I'll have money to buy all the good things I desire o that I could buy with the salary I'll win.

That's all. Thanks for keep reading the blog and please don't forget to leave your comments.
Kisses ~ 


  1. no te sientas vieja sos joven ^-^ re lindos tus regalos me encanto ese para decorar uñas.
    besos *3*

    1. Oh que linda, graaaacias :3
      Haré una entradita para que vean como me quedan.

  2. Primero que nada ¡ Feliz cumpleaños atrasadoo! y actual ¡Feliz feliz no cumpleaños :D!!
    Los cumpleaños son dificiles en alguna forma cuando con quienes quieres festejar no estan, o tienen que trabajar y estar ausentes etc. Que bonito gesto de tus amix en regalarte ese minion *w* mas tiernos ^^
    y los zapatos ...preciosos, parecen de la marca Bodyline, que hacen vestidos y complementos mas lolitas digamos, me encantan :D
    besotes Romi :3


    1. Oh muchisimas gracias, que linda que eres de verdad. Super super gracias :3

  3. A belated happy birthday, miss! Oh what I wouldn't give to be 19 again :-) You got some great presents.

  4. Heey dear.:)

    You have a very beautyful blog <3

    Maybe you want to follow my blog via gfc or like it on facebook ?

    Lara ♥


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