Sunday, September 15, 2013

Winter or Spring

I'm back~
I promised you to upload my outfits but I'm too busy with my classes. Sorry, please forgive me :( I feel like I were the worst person in the world. 

Back to today's post, the weather has been very rare. In the morning, it's very sunny and in the night, it's very cold. I don't stand. But it is just an oportunity to get things from two seasons: Winter and Spring. The other day, I was checking the new trend in nail polishes and I found that the pastel colors are back this spring. Isn't it fantastic ?  It's a new reason to buy more nail polishes (my adicction).

They are from UNIQUE (Yanbal in other countries). I bought them by catalog. They look very similar but they are not. The first one is called Blue Lagoon. It has 5ml of nail enamel. The second one is called Peace and Green. It has 5ml of nail enamel too. They both are from Clic Cosmetics.

But that's not all. I don't have too much time to make nail art to I started to buy nail art stickers. I have to be ready for when spring begins or maybe not because the days are still cold. But flowers and stars are good options until the weather is decided.

Now, that's all. I'm  really sorry about the outfits but I'll try to upload them if I have a free time. 
Byee ~ See you soon *-* 


  1. I love that colour of nail polish (lighy grey blues are my favourites! :D)
    Don't worry about the outfits, don't rush yourself ^-^

  2. thank you so much!! followed back! :)
    Keep in touch
    xoxo Cecilia


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