Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nail Art: Jack Skeleton


Halloween is coming and as you could have read, I have a new nail art to share with you. As you have seen in the previous image, I made a nail art of Jack Skeleton. It's really esay and it looks fantastic.

First, you will need white andblack nail enamels, you know it's a skeleton lol. We will use a stick too.

Today, I'm using nail enamels from MAYBELLINE and AVON

Second, varnish your nails with the white nail enamel. It's a very light color so it is likely to need more than one layer of nail polish. 

I varnished my nails two times.

Third, draw two points with the black nail enamel. To do it we will use the stick, it's easier. They will the eyes of Jack.

It looks lovely.

Fourth, Draw a line like it's in the picture. Add small vertical lines. It's the mouth.

It is smiling lol.

Finally, let's decorate the other nails drawing vertical lines as in the next photo.

Taaaaa dam.

That's all. You can varnish them with gloss enamel if you want. I hope you like the nail art. Do it and share it with your friends. Don't forget to leave your comments. Remember the steps.

Byeeee~ Kisses :3 


  1. awwwww i love your hand *.* soooooooo "baby hand " adorable :3

  2. Oh! que bonito quedó! >w< Yo hace tiempito no me hago algún nail art xD
    Y claro que podemos afiliarnos :D Ya te agregué x3 Saludines!

  3. D'aw such a simple and easy nail tutorial :)



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