Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: Avon Care Pepino Mask

 Hello ~ 
Today I'm back with a quick review of one of the beauty product I have been using. This time, I am going to review Avon Care: Pepino Mask. I bought this facial cream a month ago, it was a catalog order. Why did I decide to buy it ? Because, I heard good comments about it and I really wanted to try it.

Being honest, I don't like to get creams by catalog. I prefer to buy recommended products or only if I think that they may be suitable for my type of skin ( In my case, I have dry skin). 

I going to tell you a little more about Avon. It is a company that sells beauty products as for example mascaras, blush, eyeliners, colonies, etc. It is well known here in South America because many of ladies who have a job also opt for selling these products catalog. Now, let's continue with the review.

First, let's see what the product says:

Pepino Mask is a cream that combines two ingredients: cucumber and green tea. These both ingredients are well known by the effects they produce in the skin. I acquired this product because I wanted to remove some impurities of my facial skin. 

How to use my Pepino Mask:
- Wash with a lot of water. Dry.
- Apply some cream in your hand.
- With the othe hand, apply in your face to create a even layer. 
- Let it work for 20 min.
- Remove from your face.
- Wash again to remove some cream that could have left in the face.

Before. I hate how I look with out basic make up.

With the cream. I can't move. 
After 20 min. It's time to remove from your face.

After. The process ended.

I have been using this Avon product for a month.  Did I regularly use it ? The truth is that I didn't. After using the cream, you can feel that your skin is softer but this effect is short. I think what I want is a product that lasts longer. It was like it did nothing. When applying the cream, you have to be very careful with your eyelashes and eyebrows because when you removeit you could remove them too. Ouch.

The last week, I don't know if it has to be with the cream, I got more acne. I heard once that it's because the product opens pores to remove fats that form under the skin (I hope it is the reason T-T).  

No. There are different products that I would like to try and being honest with you I didn't like this product because I felt like it didn't do too much for my skin.

The effects can be different. Everything depends of the type of skin. 
Hopefully, this review will help you with your next purchase.


  1. mi mama compro una vez esa crema y la dio buenos resultados se le veia el rostro mucho mas fresco y descanzado

    1. A mi me dijeron lo mismo por eso la compré pero como que no me dio los resultados que esperaba :(

  2. this mask is very good, I used it a long time ago I like the effect it has as glue, hehehe. Greetings and kisses~***

  3. Wow awesome review!! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. woo buen review, realmente dudaba de si el producto hacia esa capita mascarilla como en la fotografia :)
    por cierto te deje un premio en mi blog, creo no tienes cbox para poderte informar
    disculpas :)
    bs ^^



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