Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cold Day

Fruuuu ~

These days have been very cold that at times it makes me want to just stay at home but then I remember that I am on vacations and I have to enjoy my time before returning to the university where I will have to study and study. I am happy and sad at the same time because I have been watching the volleyball matches but anyways peruvian volleyball team will play for the bronze medal so I'll be cheering the girls.

Among other topics, I don't know the reason but I have always heard that it's harder to dress in winter because we have to put on a lot of clothes. Today, I'm here with a practical outfit.

In the previous photo, I am wearing a practical red caffarena, a black pair of leggins, a sky blue jacket from ROXY, a black skirt from I  47 Street and a pair of red sneakers from Converse. It is easy to wear, you can keep doing your daily activities with out problem. It can be wore to go to the university or to hang out with friends (I use this outfit to do the last thing).

But I like to take care of all the details for example the nails are important for me. The colour of the nail polish that I have in the following photos are from REVLON. This nail polish is from another post that you can see here. Don't they look lovely ? I hope so :3.

Jewerly ? Of course, a girl with out earrings or necklace I can't stand . Do you recognize the necklace I am wearing in the previous photo ? Yes, it is the one I won in a giveaway of Chango Store, you can see about it here.

In other news, I just created an account on LookBook. You can find me and my outfits HERE as Floweromii :) That's all.

Byeeee, see you soon ~ 


  1. Great outfit post! The blue jacket is cute :D

    1. Thanks, it was a gift from my older sister *-*


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