Saturday, March 8, 2014

[Review: Dorama] Flower Boy Next Door

Title: Flower Boy Next Door.
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama 
Episodes: 16
Cast: Park Soo Jin, Yoon Shi Yoon, Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Hoon, Go Kyung Pyo


The story is basically a new version of the typical story of Rapunzel; the girl who is trapped and has no contact with the outside world. Go Dok Mi is Rapunzel who has a difficult life when she was in highschool and now she is alone in her department stalking his neighbor Tae Joon, who is a handsome doctor that lives in front of her apartment.

Enrique Geum is the cousin of Tae Joon, he is a famous game designer that came from Spain he is in love with Yoon Seo Young, his first love, but she likes Tae Joon; so he is rejected. Then he is going to know Rapunzel after a different situations and falls in love with her. 

Oh Jin Rok, On Dong Hoon and Watanabe are neighbors of floor with Go Dok Mi. The first one is a webtoon drawer and he is in love with the Rapunzel of this story. The second one is roommate with Oh Jin Rok and colaborates in the design of the webtoons. The last one is new in the building and is from Japan. Watanabe is a cooker who enjoys traveling around the world knowing more about the cooking of the countries.

Cha Do Hwi is a classmate of Go Dok Mi when they were in highschool she used to treat her bad. She knows Oh Jin Rok and makes everybody think that she is in love with him but the truth is that she is behind him because he has a secret. 

I'm a big fan of Park Shin Hye's doramas and Flower Boy Next Door was not an excepcion. I watched it the last year around Christmas so I feel connected with all the dorama and the songs because they were inspired in the important part of the year.

The story is fascinating because it touches on real issues that we can see in these days as for example the bullying. I did really like Yoon Shin Yoon because he acted so cute and was like a kid who just wanted to help Go Dok Mi and make her knows that the outside world is not so evil as she thinks.

If I have to watch it again, I would because it was so funny. I disliked Cha Do Hwi, not because she was the bad person in the story it was because the way she acted was not my favorite. Bad people are usually my favorite actors but in this time I have to say: NO.

Please, watch and enjoy it. You can see it HERE and I'm leaving a picture to help you understand how the relations are between them.

In this dorama, we can see the famous panda costume.
Bye and I wish this review helps you when you make your decision for the next dorama. 
Kisses ~

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