Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's Eat at Hungry Tiger

Heeeello. Yesterday, I went to eat at Hungry Tiger, it's located at La Marina 1335 San Miguel Lima-Perú. I was there with my friends Marisabel, Nathalie and Rocio; the first one likes everything about korean life style and Nathi with Chio, well... They're my best friends lol.

Hoooola :)

I'm going to tell you some things that you have to know about this wonderful place. Hungry Tiger is a korean restaurant where you can find many of the dishes that are mentioned in different doramas. That's not all, you can also find makis, ¡yeah makis!, these delicious rolls of rice. Isn't it cool ?

There are three guys who take care about the restaurant, they're Yang Lae Cho, Ho Min You and Geon Pyo Lee. My friends and I had a fantastic lunch that we'll never forget. As you will see in the next photos, we didn't taste the ramen. So we'll be back to try them,obviously, in winter because the weather in these days is too hot to eat soup. 

Many of the fan bases organize reunions here. Remeber: If you're from Peru or tthinking to come to Peru and you're looking for a good restaurant to enjoy the korean food, go go to Hungry Tiger. 

Here I leave some photos of my day, I hope you like this post.




Tiger Donkatsu

Tiger Maki 
(Photos taken by Rocio)

If you want to know whatever about Hungry Tiger, you can ask me. Byeee :) I'll be back with new posts.

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