Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nail Enamels, Nail Obsession

Hi, it's floweromii again :3

Sorry I've been away from the blog because I'm studying at the university and it takes all my time. Today I'm back with a random post.

Today, I went out with my older sister to go shopping to "Centro Cívico Real Plaza". It was a day just for us. Basically, we went to buy a present because she had a baby shower and to get new clothes for the reunion with her friends. 

She bougth nice blue jeans from Americanino and a grey sweater from Oeschle. I bought some nail enamels from REVLON, I really like this store because it has different and beautiful colors.

These two nail enamels are those I bought today: 

The first enamel is Celestial FX, it is a transparent enamel and it has three different shapes inside as for example moons, diamonds and stars. You can use it alone but you will have to aplly it three times to make your nails look fabulous. But you can also apply it after you varnished your nails with another color.

The second enamel is Whimsical, it is a green enamel and it has pink and sky blue dots inside. My suggestion is to aplly it alone, you have to apply it three times too because it difficult to get all the necessary dots in your nails. The seller person said that I could use after I have varnished my nails with another color but I prefer to use it alone. 

These are three others enamels I have from REVLON :


The first enamel is Raisin Rage, it is a solid. I use it with some transparent enamel. It's perfect when I want to look older or when I have an important reunion with the family or with someone special.

The second enamel is Emerald City, it is a solid. I love this enamel because it's strange. When you apply the first time, it looks like it was shining but then it turns into an opaque color so I have to varnished my nails with a shine as for example the third enamel.

The thrid enamel is Cotoda Fizz, it a sky blue enamel. I bought to use it with the second enamel because it looks like it was a transparent color.

* My five nail enamels *

That's all for today, I hope you like the post. I would lie to you if I said that I will post during the week because I have some important tests in the week. Remember, if there is something else you wanna know about my experiences with the enamels, just ask.

See you soon, byeeee~


  1. I like the emerald city nail polish :D

  2. Hola! Muchas gracias por pasar por mi blog!, me encantó el tuyo :)

    Me gustan los esmaltes Revlon, son de muy buena calidad, y los colores son realmente lindos!

    Gracias por la afiliación, ahora mismo te pongo en mis affies <3


    1. Hola :) de nada Mary. Me encanta tu blog para que.
      Los esmaltes REVLON son parte de mi obsesión.

  3. Hola, muchas gracias por pasar por mi blog, gracias por pasar por el mío.
    Pues si, ya te afilie :)
    Sigue así amichi, besotes :D

    1. Hola preciosa, muchas gracias. Me encanta tu blog. Así que encontrarás mis visitas seguido.
      Saluditos desde Perú ~

  4. el segundo es precioso!!! :D Gracias por seguir mi blog, me apunto al tuyo y te leeré :D

    1. Yo también te estaré leyendo. Tienes muy buenos diseños para las uñas que me gustaría intentar.
      Saluditos ~


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