Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Lucky April + Chango Store

I won I won ...!!!

The last week of March, I participated in a contest in Facebook, it was done by Chango Store and  I won a beautiful camera necklace and a USB clabe.

The last last friday, I went to pick them up with my friend Rocio from the university. The place where we were dated was "Centro Comercial Arenales", it is a fantasy because you can find lots of merchandise related to animes, mangas, otakus, korean groups and it has gamers zones. We met two people who are the responsible for Chango Store. They were nice and patient, I have to say, because I arrived late with my friend and they were waiting for us lol. Thanks you so much o(>.<)o

Chango Store in facebook

Chango Store is an online peruvian store where you can get different accesories for your own fashion as for example necklaces, earrings, rings and kpop accesories (more rings); they also has clothing and technology as for example kneesocks, pantys, leggins and USB clabes. 

Visit its pages, I have published two different links; the first one is for its facebook page and the second one is for its web site.

Here are some photos of what I won:

Love - Camera necklace

My purple USB cable

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