Tuesday, April 16, 2013

[Review: Dorama] Playful Kiss

Title: Playful Kiss
Genre: Romance - comedy
Episodes: 16 + 7 extras online episodes
Cast: Kim Hyun Joong, Jung Min 

Synopsis: It is based is a manga called "Itazura na Kiss" and it has an anime too, so watch it or read it when you have time. It's just an adevertise.

Oh Ha Ni is just a common girl who loves her "prince of the nature", It's the nickname that she uses when she is dreaming with Baek Seung Jo. She isn't a good student, her grades aren't in the top of the ranking; but he, he is the best student of the institute, the teachers and the students love him.

Everything starts when Oh Ha Ni decides to tell him about her feelings with a letter but when he recieves it he just checks it and retuns it to her in front of all the students. She lives with her father but for reasons of fate her house is the only home that crumbles due to a mild earthquake. So they're invited to live with a friend of her father, and... guess what ? she starts living in the house of Baek Seung Jo.

Oh Ha Ni has one dream that is to be with him for the rest of her life, but Baek Seung Jo doesn't know what to do with his life. Oh Ha Ni is rejected several times; but she won't give up until he falls in love with her. How will it end ?

Review: I just can say that I love Playful Kiss. From my point of view, Oh Ha Ni is like an idol for many girls as me because she doen't give up until she has Baek Seung Jo's love. I saw this dorama the last year or two years ago, I don't remember lol. By the time I was watching it, I have had love problems; so watching it helps me a lot to forget bad moments and also to see how happy other people can be (obviously everybody but not me) I give it a 5/5 check it out here.

Something in this dorama that I really loved was the teddy bears at the end of each episodes. They're so cute :3. The mom of Baek Seung Jo is the mother in law that all girls would like to have, she is kind and she wants Oh Ha Ni as the future wife of Baek Seung Jo. 

Aaaawww I would like to find someone like her someone who loves me as much as her son. Well I just have to wait, I know that someday I will find them and my life will change forever *-*

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