Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lucky April + I ♥ 47 Street Perú

Am I too lucky ? 

I don't know but I won again. In this oportunity, the prize comes from 47 Street Peru Oficial. I participated in the contest the last week of March too, I didn't know that I won until a wonderful girl called Mafer sended me a message telling me that I was the winner. Can you image my face when I got the news ? At the beginning, I thought that she was part of the store but then she told me that she was participating. She said something that I won't forget " Go and pick up your prize, do it for people who participated and didn't win. Don't lose the oportunity". She was like an angel :3 Thanks Mafer, you're the best.

Let's continue. This monday, I went to 47 Street's store that is in "Centro Comercial Plaza San Miguel" to pick up my new pants. Yeah, that is exactly what I won, beautiful blue basic pants. When I arrived to the store and said that I was the winner, they were happy. They were kind with me. At the beginning, I felt so small and shy because I went alone to the store :( ,but then when the auxiliares from the store helped me, I felt better.

Thanks 47 Street Peru to give me this big oportunity. Greetings.

Here are some photos of my prize:

My new pants - My blog is opened in my laptop

I'll be back soon with new posts :) Byeee.

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