Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nail Art: Animal Print


As I told you before, I love to take care and to paint my nails. Today, I have a nail art for you. It's easy to do and hopefully you would like it. 

First, you have to choose the colors that you prefer. In my case, I would use yellow and black nail enamels because I want they look like pikachu lol.

Today, I'm using nail enamels from AVON

Second, use the less solid color for the base and paint your nails as many times as you need. In my case, I would use the yellow nail enamel.

I have a broken nail :( 

I painted my nails three times 

Third, with the second color let's draw lines of different sizes from right to left. At the beggining, it could seem to be difficult; but If you practice  many times it will be easy.

From right to left

And finally, let's draw lines from left to right to finish the design. Sometimes, we leave some unpainted space but to complete it we can draw some extra lines.

From left to right. Finished.

That's all for today, I hope you like it and do it. If you have some problems or if you want to know more about this design, don't doubt to ask me. Remember to do the three steps:

Byeeeeee~ :3


  1. HERMOSO!!!! lo amé amé amé <3 amo las uñas de animal print!!! <3 y el amarillo me encanta.


    1. Que bueno que te gustaran, pronto subiré uno nuevo.

      Saluditos ~

  2. Qué guay! A mi hermana le encantan estas cosas jajajaja Le pasaré el enlace ^^

    1. Oh que linda :)
      Espero que realmente le guste


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