Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lucky May + El Rincón de la Princesita

Hi, it's me. As you can see the title, I won a prize again but in this case it is from El Rincón de la Princesita. I participated in its contest for Mother's Day the last week. Let's start knowing more about this blog. 

The blogger of El Rincón de la Princesita is Martha Medina. She is cool, I just met her for few minutes and I considered her as a nice person. Her blog is about fashion, technology and more. How did I know about the contest ? I found the news about it in the fan page (Facebook El Rincón de la Princesita) and I just decided to be part of it. 

What did I win? I won a rimel and two different lipsticks from Ésika. Here are some photos: 

Classic Color from ésika

Mirada Hechizante from ésika

Corazón de Sensaciones from ésika

I'm so happy and lucky. Thanks, Martha, for the opportunity. Let's keep in contact.

That's all for today. If you want to know about the contests in wich I am participating, you can add me to Facebook (Romina Flores). But please send me a message telling me that you know me from this blog.

See you soon. Byeeeee~


  1. Hola, he visto tu comentario en el blog de sweet world of yuuki y que preguntabas que animes eran y te los vengo a poner los que yo conozco ^^ - tamako market - k-on - k-on todas las que tengan estas chicas lo son - hyouka - luka vocaloid - es un juego llamado ib - madoka magica - one piece

    y las demas son fan arts, espero que te sirva ^^

  2. Felicidades!!!! :D Los productos Ésika son buenísimos! Voy a echar un vistazo al rincón de la Princesita :D.

    Nunca me he animado a entrar a un concurso, quizá algún día.


    1. Gracias :)
      Yo tampoco me había animado antes pero un día dije ¿Por qué no? Y comencé a ganar así que le tengo mucha fe...

      Que bueno que te animaras a visitar el blog de Martha

      Saludos Mary ~ Love you ;)


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