Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arirang Bene Concert

Heeeeello dear readers (*-*)/

Today, I went to an Arirang Bene Concert. It was a presentation about the traditional korean music by ARirang YUrandang Ready at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. It is a international group of korean people (They're five) who are travelling around to world showing the korean traditional music. I had the opportunity to be present. Unfortunatly, I brought my camera but I forgot my battery in my house, I know I'm a fool :( 

Here's a photo of the members: 

I learned about the traditional musical instruments as for example Daegeum, it's a flute; Janggoo, it looks like drums; Pansori, it's korean traditional singing and Seoyae, it's korean traditional calligraphy. The man who is wearing in red is the leader and the expositor who was telling us about each song and he also told us the importance of this music. Here is tip: If you want to be a friend of a korean person, you can sing Arirang and it would help you to accepted as a friend.

The presentation had four songs, so the concert was around one hour and they taught us how to sing Arirang and the importance of it. In Korea, there are a lot of Arirangs and they are different because some of them are sad and the others are happy. Whe the singer tried to teach us how to sing, it looked easy but when we continued it turned into a difficult song. 

It was a fantastic night that I would like to repeat. I made some new friends Eliana, Ana and Tania. The first two lent me their cellphones to record some videos and to take some photos, here is photo of us.

With my new friends and the members of the group 

Here's a video they shared with us, it's about The Presidential Inaugural Ceremony in South Korea when four famous singers sang Arirang:

They also wrote my name, you can imagine how happy I am. In the next image, it's written "Arirang Romina" in korean traditional writing.

Arirang - Romina 
That's all for today, I hope you liked it and got interested in Arirang.

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