Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tickets prices for U-Kiss in Peru

As you should know, U-Kiss will present a concert again this June 21th at Jockey Club. Tu Entrada has announced the tickets prices for this expected show by peruvian Kiss me's. Here are the positions with their respective prices:

VIP:  S/. 512.00 ($ 193.36)
General: S/. 330.00 ($ 124.63)

It will be a great oportunity for the Kiss me's who couldn't go to the concert of the last year and to hear them again (people who went). Why is this concert so exciting ? Because Peru has been chosen as the country to open the tour for Latin America. They will visit three countries : Peru, Colombia and Mexico

You can start buying your tickets this May 28th at noon. Don't lose the oportunity to be close to your "Oppas". 

If you want more information about it, visit the page of Tu Entrada

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