Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Friday in My Life.

Two days ago, I went out with my friend Milagros. We decided to buy our tickets for Expo Kpop Dance 2013; so, we went to "Centro Comercial Arenales". This event will be in "Teatro Municipal San Juan de Lurigancho" at 12 pm this March 10th.

 Here is the advertisement, you can find more information here

After buying, we went to a fair where I bought some jewerly and other stuff. Fisrt, I bought purple and pink earrings, they just cost me about US$1. My older sisters are jelous about them, so I am wearing them everyday lol. Second, I bought a yellow ring, it just costs me about US$17. Finally, I found a pair of cat eyes glasses that I have looking for many days. They are perfect for summer, it  looks very well with many outfits. They just cost me US$12.

This little mouse on a cheese is for my mom, she likes decorations for her kitchen. It was really cheap, but I bought it with good intentions ( I wanted to spend more money in me lol). My brother put it in the refrigerator and started to yell " Mom, there's a mouse in the refrigerator" lol, it was really funny she really thought it was true. 

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