Saturday, March 16, 2013

Expo Idiomas 2013

The last saturday, I went to "Expo Idiomas 2013" with my kpoper friend called Marisabel. Why am I telling you about it ? The reason is that we found some peruvian institutes where you can learn korean and other languages too, as for example french, english, japanese, chinese, turkish, arabic, portuguese and quechua. Oh yeah ! 

Here are some of the institutes that I get an interested in:

It was a nice experience, we could see some presentations from different stands. First, when we arrived there was a person who offered to draw our favorite flags in our faces. I could'nt lose the oportunity to get a korean flag in my face. Then, we started to walk around and we found the stand of Centro Cultural Coreano del Perú. There was a show about kpop, they were showing videos of various groups for example: SHINee, SS501, EXO, CN Blue, Infinite, Big Bang and more. They also organized a raffle that we decided to buy. 

While we were waiting for the raffle, they were showing a movie called Le Grand Chef. You have to see this movie, it was awesome and Kim Sang Ho participates in it. 

Here you can see the movie with subtitles in english 

Finally, after the movie ended, the raffle started. It was so sad, we didn't win anything, but it was a cool afternoon; I got some things from the stands. 

I hope you like the summary of my day at "Expo Idiomas 2013" :) Byeee!

My korean flag :)

Me and my korean flag :)

A pen from Centro Cultural Coreano del Perú

My name "Romina" in Mandarin Chinese from Intercambio Cultural Sino Peruano

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