Saturday, March 30, 2013

Teen Top's Chunji opens a Twitter account

20 days ago, we had good news about SHINee's Key; today, we have fantastic news about Teen Top's Chunji.  He isn't the first member who has a twitter account, but it makes me happy :) Why ? Isn't it obvious ? When a kpop idol opens a social account it means that he or she wants to be close of his or her fans.

I'm not big of fan of Teen Top, but the news make me really happy. He said that he didn't know too much about Twitter, so he waits people help him. What are you going to do ? Obviously, let's help him lol. 

Something that makes me laugh a lot was the name of his account, it is wowous. I don't lie that is his nickname lol.

This is the avatar of his twitter:

Here is photo that he has been publishing many times :

If you have a twitter account and your a big big fan of him or Teen Top, go and follow him here. Please get a Twitter account and be part of Chunji's world. I hope it helps you to find him.

Remember: you can find me in twitter too as FloweRomii :)

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