Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lucky March + Propósito de Moda

I'm so happy, really really happy :). The last week, I participated in a contest in facebook, it was done by Marisol Dellapiane who is the blogger of Propósito de Moda. The reason why she decided to create this contest is because The Official Facebook Page of Propósito de Moda got its first one hundred likes and I won the principal prize.

Propósito de moda is a blog written by Marisol, she is a student of CEAM (Centro de Altos Estudios de la Moda). As you can imagine fashion is part of her life; in her blog, she writes about fashion, tendences, tips of how combine clothing, promotions. Some others posts are about of her personal life as for example her trips. Visit her blog and mine too lol.

Marisol Dellapiane
(blogger of Propósito de Moda)

I hope you enjoy the post of today. Remenber if you want to be in contact with her, you can find her using her email: and if you want to be in contact with me (floweromii), here is my email:
Here are some photos of the prize:
My teddy bear with my prize

 All the products are from DO IT.


  1. Que bueno que te haya gustado el premio! Gracias por el post, besos :)

  2. Si, gracias más bien por la oportunidad :)


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