Sunday, March 24, 2013

[Review: Dorama] Fondant Garden

Title: Fondant Garden (翻糖花園
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 16
Cast: Park Jung Min, Jian Man Shu, Kingone Wang, Lia Lee 

Synopsis: Park Hee Hwan is the heir of one of the most important pastry companies in Korea. He is a spoiled person who always gets whatever he wants as soon as he asks for it. There is something he really hates it is the responsability of being the son of a successful businessman, so he decides to leave everything and to go to Taiwan. He meets Mi Hen who is a quiet pastry who doen's know anything about him. After many occurrences, Hee Hwan falls in love with her. But there is a problem, he isn't the only one who loves her, his older brother Yan Han Xiang loves her too. What is he going to do ? Who will she choose ? How will it end ? These are the questions that will be answered during the dorama.
Review: I have seen it once in my life but I have to say that it was a great dorama; I used to spend many hours for watching it. Fondant Garden is a taiwanese dorama and we have Park Jung Min who is a member of SS501 acting as the principal actor. Why did I see this dorama if it isn't korean? First, I decided to see it because Park Jung Min was in it. I'm a shawol but I'm a triple S too; so when I knew that he was part of the cast I got the neccesity to wach it. Fondant Gardent is a good dorama, I suggest to see it. I disliked the end because it wasn't what I expected. I wont't tell you how it ends, so if you want to know how it ends you can ask me or watch it lol.

In this dorama, we can hear different languages as for example korean, chinese and taiwanese. It's cool for a person who is learning one of them. Unfortunately, I just know english and spanish so I have to look for pages where I can see with subtitles.  

In conclusion, I enjoyed watching this dorama. Park Jung Min is just one of the reason why I saw it, but there are more reasons. If you want to feel what I feel during the days I spended in front of my laptop, watch it here. I hope my posts help you to choose a dorama and to get a previous idea. 

Byee, I'll be back soon :) 

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