Tuesday, March 12, 2013

[Review: Dorama] City Hunter

Title: City Hunter.
Genre: Action, Suspense, Romance.
Episodes: 20
Cast: Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Sang Jung, Goo Ha Ra, Hwang Sung Hee.

Synopsis: Revenge, intrigue and power struggle are the framework for this story where Lee Yoon Sung faces powerful enemies in pursuit of justice for the death of his biological father. But on his way to ge it, he does the only thing that it's forbbiden, he falls in love with Kim Na Na. What about Lee Yoon Sung who seeks justice rather than revenge ?

Review: When I saw the first episode, I thought that maybe it wouldn't be of my interest; but after three episodes I realized that it was a wonderful dorama. I cried a lot, there are some moments when I couldn't stop crying. It helped me to realize that not everything is happiness and that like other countries, Korea has its own problems. *feeling sad*I really recommend this drama, it helps to break the routine.Lee Min Ho looks so sexy, it makes me love it too lol :3 

You want to see this dorama, check it out here 

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